Dominic Jasmin

Dominic Jasmin is a composer and improviser from Montreal, Qc. His music, somewhere between free jazz and acousmatic music, blends the accidental and unpredictable nature of the former with the techniques of the latter to create what has been described as « structured noise ». Primarily working with found sounds and electronics, he also incorporates guitar and voice to some of his live sets.

He graduated from the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal in 2018 and has been active on the music scene there through his involvement in organizing concerts with Soundwich, Kohlenstoff collective and Mardi Spaghetti as well as being an active musician.

A part from his solo practice through which he has collaborated with many other artists, he is involved in different projects including Actors Artificial, SJF Trio and Larsen.

Dominic Jasmin is also a trained sound engineer, working in live sound for contemporary classical music and in the studio (or on location) recording, mixing and mastering different projects.

Credit : Caroline Campeau Photographe